There are numerous courier services all over the world. But ANT had a very different idea. The client wanted to create a platform where the general public traveling about the city could act as delivery persons, picking up couriers on their way to work/school and drop it off at a destination that falls on their journey, also making a quick buck. This was a novel concept and got us excited to create it.


The goal was to build an app that ensures quicker and safer on-demand courier services throughout Singapore by everyday commuters at a much lower rate than other delivery providers.


After an intensive research on the subject ANT Technologies and Applify set out to work on the goal. The app was envisioned to real-time track your parcel once it is picked up till the time it is delivered. The developers worked on providing this feature accurately. The developers also added features according to how the user would want the security to be- requiring an OTP and signature or not. Thus, high level of customization.

The admin panel was designed keeping in mind ease of operation but high on functionality to allow stringent verification procedures for agents.


With the vision to keep the app handy for people from diverse age groups, the design is intuitive, easy to use and responsive. The characteristic colors of the app and its soothing-to-the eye graphics- right from the logo to the app screens underscore the main idea of the app. The UI/UX developers were particular about not having the experience hampered through any design flaws in the app. After undergoing all testing procedures rigorously, the app was ready for the market.


The app released into the market and delivers what it was set out for - on-demand courier delivery which was safe, secure and fast, also cheaper. ANT is in operation in Singapore and after user demanded updates, the app continues to provide what it promised.

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