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Devender is the Digital Marketing Manager at Applify. A proud Liverpool fan, he is a Football enthusiast and loves to travel.

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In the past few years, Singapore has emerged as a country with many successful global businesses. Its business ecosystem is a perfect...

Singapore App Development Market: An App that Rewards for Volunteering

Imagine, I ask you to volunteer for something. Would you help me? Probably not. Now, what if I offer some reward in return? You would probably change...
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Android App Permissions and How to Manage Them

With one of the highest smartphone penetration rates all over the world, Singapore runs on mobile. We use apps for pretty much everything these...
Text What Are Enterprise Apps and Why Your Business Needs One?

What Are Enterprise Apps and Why Your Business Needs One?

Singapore has quickly established itself into a tech hub within the last decade. With the highest rankings in the World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index...

5 Key Factors for Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform

The eCommerce industry has grown constantly for the past 10 years. With the global pandemic hitting us in 2020, online sales jumped...