Choosing The Best App Developer in Singapore: A 4 Step Guide


Businesses these days are increasingly going digital. Be it the store selling ‘bak kwa’ at the corner of your street or a big real estate firm, everyone has a mobile app for its customers and is no longer meant only for large-scale organizations.
Mobile apps have significant advantages over a website because they increase customer engagement manifold and create a lasting impact.
For a market like Singapore, which has among the highest internet penetration rates in South East Asia, having a strong digital footprint is even more important for businesses. And having an app is one sure way ahead. Applify_BlogSingapore
While choosing any app development company for your business, it is important to keep certain things in mind that ensure a smooth sailing experience for you.
We are putting together a 4 step guide for choosing among the various app developers in Singapore.

Step1: Decide


Your project can either be only a development one, a design and development one or a complete solution involving strategy, launch, post-launch, and maintenance. So, shortlist companies based on the preferences of your project. Not all companies offer end to end solutions. Do you just want development? Or the strategy too?
Do you want your app for Android, iOS or both? Singapore has over 55% Android users but a significant population uses iOS too, so it is suggested that you build your app for both platforms.
(Source: Stats Counter

Step 2: Assess Credibility lists thousands of app development companies and sorts them according to your need- by platform, by vertical or by location.
! In projects that require intensive development, it might be better to avoid freelancers. One-man armies generally might not possess the level of expertise needed for all the functions especially when it entails e-commerce and database linking. !

  • See portfolio:

    The first impression is important when dealing with screens. Visuals play a major role in deciding how good an app is. If the developer is a good one, they will have laid enough emphasis on the UI/UX design of the apps. Excellent user interface and eye pleasing visuals go a big way to judge how well an app does in the market.

  • Previous Clients:

    Reviews from previous clients and their experience with the firm create credibility like nothing else. You can go to to refer to verified reviews by their clients. If possible, get in touch with them for a feedback on their services. Check out the clients’ applications and decide accordingly.

Step 3: Communicate: 


Using the above criteria shortlist a couple of app developers who satisfy your requirements. Contact them and talk to them in detail about your project: what is your aim, target audience, the kind of experience you want to deliver to users. It becomes necessary that your vision gets conveyed very clearly as to allow them to replicate that for your app.
At this stage, it is essential to ask the companies questions about how they plan to deliver your requirements.
‘Who will work on the project? Will it be paid employees of the company?’
‘ Who is going to my touch point?’ It is important that this person remains the same throughout the process.
‘What timings will the team be available for coordination and reference?’
‘How flexible are they in terms of changing demands within the process?’
Ask them if they will provide a prototype.
A clickable prototype is like a demonstration of how your final app will look and work, that is provided to you during the journey of its development. This allows you to assess the progress on the work as well as suggest the design or other inputs beforehand rather than waiting for the project to finish and then make changes. This proves to be immensely useful in saving both time and money. Applify, with its team dedicated to creating your dream app, furnishes a clickable prototype for you to test.

Step 4: Cost Analysis:


While for enterprises cost is a big factor, deciding on the app developer solely on it might not guarantee the best results. After you have had quotations from all prospective service providers, critically analyze the cost versus the output.

  • Timeline:

    According to Jason Fried, the founder of Basecamp and author of Rework, ‘The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch’. This statement emphasizes the importance of timeliness. If an app development company promises a lower price but takes longer to launch your app, you will incur heavy overheads thereby decreasing the efficiency. E.g. if you have an apparel business and planning to launch an app for online shopping soon, an app coming in the market after Christmas will mean a lost opportunity.

  • Understanding of market:

    For a firm to deliver to you your ideal app, it is important that they have an understanding of the demography of the market the app will serve to. Cheaper options might not assure this and hence, it is safer to pick developers which have worked in Singapore and know its demands.

Cheaper service might not necessarily mean the best for you, neither does the most expensive one. So choose wisely.
Having the best app is the way forward to create a lasting impact on the market and ensuring success in the ever-evolving business space with dynamic technological advances.
While there is no dearth of app developers today, finding the right one can be a dodgy affair.
With the above steps in mind, we believe your dream of having the perfect app for you will allow your enterprise to scale newer heights.


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