I Have An Idea For an App But No Coding Skills. What To Do?


How many times do we think that once we have a perfect idea, we will be successful and there will be no stopping our progress?
We spend days dreaming about what would make the world better, simplify lives and solve complex issues. But at some golden moment, that perfect idea for the app might strike you but what is next?
What comes after Eureka! Moment?

If you are a code master, you would not have to think twice about starting to work on your Android or iOS app. But not everyone knows how to code. Does that mean giving up on your fantastic idea? Hell no!

Well if you are at a similar junction in life, where you have an idea for an app but have no coding or app development skills, we have put together ways you can go about it with their pros and cons listed.

1. Learn to Code:

There is nothing like turning your vision into reality by your hard work, right from conception to delivery.
But that’s a bit difficult when you are not a master of all trades. Especially to write code. So how about becoming one?
If you are passionate about coding and have some background, this might prove to be easier than it seems.
You need not to pack your bags and move to school, thanks to various online courses available today. You can check out app development courses on Udemy, Udacity or Coursera which have options from beginners to expert level.


  • You might be able to emulate exactly what you envisioned for your app if you do gain the expertise.
  • There is a chance this could save you some bucks on the development process.
  • You are in complete control of your work.


  • Building a great app will require great knowledge. Mediocre skills might not guarantee your app’s success.
  • Gaining expertise takes time. Learning to code and being good at it will not come overnight. It could affect your idea negatively because the novelty of the concept might be threatened as the time for it to launch increases.
    Or by the time your app becomes ready, the idea might no longer remain relevant to the world because of fast-changing technology.

2. Take Help From a Coder Friend

Remember those high school days when you would dream of becoming business partners with your friend? Well, if you have a killer idea and she can code, you can finally give wings to that dream.
Having a friend code for you, when mutual benefit can reaped is a great way to take forward your idea, but like the other methods, this too comes with its own merits and demerits.


  • It can be budget friendly.
  • Communicating is a lot easier than when you hire someone to do the job. A friend will be able to understand your vision better.
  • Being entrepreneurs together- living the dream.


  • Constant feedback on the work might sour your relationship built over the years.
    After all, there might be some truth to the old saying about not mixing personal and professional lives.

3. Use No-Code App Building Platforms :

We have all heard of code-free websites like WordPress, but there are app builders too that allow you to make an app without writing codes.
Many such options are available today like AppMakr, Swiftic, Appy Pie which work on a freemium model and help you make basic apps which can guarantee satisfactory functionality.


  • These are an affordable way to get an app. The subscription cost will include hosting, updates and analytics which can go easy on your pocket.
  • Such app builders do not require months of work on the website because there is provision for ready-to-use templates and modules. Thus, your app can launch faster.
  • These platforms give you more control over your content. Small changes could done without waiting for ages to alter the code.


  • If you are looking to get your MVP, such platforms may be a good option but for anything more refined and unique, they will not help.
  • App-builder sites allow minimum customization. If your idea is a unique one and requires high functionality, their approach will be limited.
  • It is also difficult for apps built on such platforms to have higher integrability with various devices. Though there could be iOS and Android versions, having a similar web app that runs smoothly across any device is not simple.

4. Hire an App Developer:

In a fairly digitized economy like Singapore, looking for an app developer is not a huge task. However, finding the right one may be.
There could be two options if you decide to hire a developer- a freelancer or an app development agency/company.
While closely comparing the two options is a topic we leave for some other day, we can list a few parameters that can help you decide.
– Cost :
Hiring a freelancer will be cheaper comparatively but they will also look at you for answers which you might not have. There might be an expert on developing, another for UI/UX or SEO and coordinating with them will be an uphill task.
– Timeline:
Availability is a big issue with freelancers especially the ones working overseas. It can push the deadlines of your project. With an app development company, there are project managers solely appointed to handle your app and availability poses no hurdle.
– Overall Delivery:
App development companies offering all experts under one roof allow a smoother delivery of your app and can incorporate changes soon if they follow agile practices.
It might not be the case with freelancing.

That said, hiring an app developer is a safe bet anyway.


  • If you hire a credible app developer, you can rest assured about the quality of your app because of high customization they can build into it, how you want.
  • The Return On Investment of hiring an app developer is higher than other options.
  • You can keep them accountable for anything that goes wrong.
  • Updating the app and making changes is more comfortable if there are agreements in place (freelancers lose a point here)


  • The cost is high when compared to the other available options.

Bringing ideas to life is a humongous task and choosing the best way to go about it determines a lot of how the process unravels. We tried simplifying your task but if you still are not clear, you can consult our experts for free.