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Factors that might affect your mobile app development time

7 Factors That Can Significantly Affect Your Mobile App Development Time

Today when a huge majority of our lives is dominated by smartphone and mobile applications, the app development industry is on an...
Zeles - A Volunteering App

Zeles – A Volunteering Mobile App that Rewards Users

Imagine, I ask you to volunteer for something. Would you help me? Probably not. Now, what if I offer some reward in return? You would probably change...
ReactJS vs AngularJS: Which is better for your business?

Reactjs vs Angularjs: Know Which Is Right For Your Next Project

Javascript tools have been on the rise lately. Especially the debate about ReactJS vs AngularJS and which is better for your next...
How to Build a Business Strategy Post Pandemic?

How Should Your Business Model Adapt To A Post Pandemic World?

The COVID19 pandemic has effected everyone. To some, it meant loss of life and source of revenue, while for others it was...

Why Fintech is the Buzzword in Singapore?

Fintech or Financial technology is the use of technology in designing and delivering financial products or services faster and cheaper. According to a LinkedIn report,...