There is a quote by the renowned painter and filmmaker, Barbara Januszkiewicz:
“Creative thinking inspires ideas and ideas inspire change.”
The inception of the life-changing dating app, Brezza was also inspired by a creative idea. A vision that our London-based client had in his mind when he contacted us. He wanted us to develop an app that would transform the way people look for dates and make online dating a more simple, secure, and hassle-free process by gamifying it to some extent.


Brezaa was going to be the first online dating app of its kind. Our goal, therefore, was to create an app that despite serving a similar purpose, offers features and the UX that no other online dating app does.

With this thought in mind and after detailed market research, we set to create an app that provides an unmatched experience to users.


After careful market study, our technical analysis team identified the most viable sections that were to be made accessible to users. On the basis of their remarks, our design team created a simple yet sophisticated wireframe complementing the engaging interface design.


On the basis of the wireframes crafted by them earlier, our designers set out to design the perfect app. During this phase, they ensured that the screens are designed strictly in accordance with the wireframes and capture the exact thought-process of our client.

The development process went swiftly. We didn’t encounter any major issue except for a few minor obstacles. We managed to sail through them and shortly after, our developers coded the app to reality.


After 90 days of careful planning and creative implementation, the revolutionary dating app was a reality. Finally, there was an app in the market that helps people find dates on the basis of their interests. The final showdown was to push it live on both Google Play and the Apple app store.

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