MyMedi is a brainchild of Vufor Ltd., a group of entrepreneurs with a collective experience of over 100 years. They approached us with an overview of the idea and were looking to create a product that would serve the digital medical records industry. MyMedi is a product for people to add their medical records, medical appointments or any medical data, and have it all stored at one place over the cloud. After the struggle of going through many agencies and freelancers, they approached us for our expertise in strategizing complex systems and bringing ideas to life with great product experiences.


The main challenge we faced was to come up with a mobile strategy for a product that targeted user age group of 30+. According to a survey conducted by our team, over 70% of people in the UK who maintained medical records were over the age of 30. Our main challenge was to create a product that was engaging enough to acquire users under the age of 30 and at the same time had a simplistic user experience for those above 30.


Finalizing research based product features made it easy for us to come up with an amazing product. We had a clear vision of the product and kept 3 main things in mind while wire-framing: simplicity, ease of use and a functionality that gave it competitive edge.


Once the wireframes were finalized, leveled up their game by delivering a captivating interface and experience. The client asked us to keep the app theme around blue and our design team did great to implement it using calming hues of blue. The app design is easy on the eyes and is full of easy to understand tips.


Electronic Patient Records, enables the Patient to securely store all their medical records (doctors, hospital, dentist, optician etc.) and appointments at one place. They can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet and or on the MyMedi Website. These records and appointments can be shared with Healthcare Professionals to help provide them with the right diagnosis and treatment. The system is designed to store any format of electronic record including x-rays, body scans, digital images and scanned versions of paper records.

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