Our Mobile and Web Development Process

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Engineered Survey

With the strong understanding of your idea, our first touch of onboarding is penning down all the requirements in the form of guidelines, tables, charts and graphs. The vision of your business targets is our mandatory concern along with the techniques you wish to deploy for these accomplishments. The project pricing and timeline is summarized in a project document which includes development strategies, competitor analysis and timeframes.


Project Administration

A steadfast account manager takes the entire responsibility of your business concept. Expect the project lead to take charge of the work progress in addition to strongly emphasizing on meeting the deadlines. The resources have the acute knowledge and expertise in the hired assignments. Quality is the not a concern but the priority.


Approach and action plan

Scoping the project and maintaining the requirements falls under the initial phase of transforming your idea into a real business. Accurate and measured decisions are made for the platforms, features, tools, technology, frameworks, user engagement strategies etc.



Close attention is paid to even the minute aspects - doesn’t matter if it’s an app or a website. Perfection is the main ingredient of every project we work on. Simplicity and class are well balanced to ensure the maximum user engagement. Powerful design with great UI/UX always win over the end user’s mind. The result of your patience is the best at UI designs.


Clickable Prototype

You are provided with the closest experience of your live product. Clickable workflow help you in better understanding of the product behavior. The designed images are put to action in the form of series and wireframes in a custom flow. With the prototype, there are higher chances of creating the perfect user experience.


Development & Launch

The project manager engages in preparing a software requirement sheet mentioning the implementation of designs and functionality in the development phase. The actionable draft is worked upon by the team of professionals to start the app development process. Agile methodology is followed for project management to ensure a reliable roadmap. The progress reports are also shared directly with the client at regular intervals to restrict any unexpected exercises coming to knowledge at a later time period.


Marketing & Maintenance

Strict regulations are taken into practice to exclude the overage costs. The work is still considered pending on our end if by any of the little chances the final product doesn’t meet the client’s expectations. Customer contentment is our sense of achievement. Not ending with the final product, we do have the proven strategies to maximize its reach to the potential audience.

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