Behind every great design is a great idea. When our clients from UK discussed his idea about Reezer, we figured out in no time that it was the beginning of something remarkable.

Being well-aware about the struggles that people have to face while purchasing tickets for an event or concert, they wanted us to create an app that makes the whole process simple and plain-sailing. Since our believe that the idea had potential, hence we decided to proceed ahead with it.


Creating an app that keeps track of all upcoming events and let users book tickets directly from their phone was definitely a challenge. Lots of factors had to be kept in mind. Hence, it was time for us to up our game and create an app that offers unique experience as well as delivers smooth functionality.

Driven by this zeal and after studying the market in detail, we begin working on Reezer.


Reezer was the first app of it’s kind we were designing. Hence, we had to apply a different approach this time, which was tough yet exciting. So, we decided to take one step at a time and create wireframes from the scratch.



During the design phase, we made it our priority that the app is made as per the wireframes keeping the user experience in mind. The theme was selected accordingly. We chose Purple color as base to signify nobility. Also, the app was created in such a way that all major operations can be performed in minimum number of taps.

“3 taps to buy and 1 tap to view” this was our motto. Keeping all things in consideration, we begin designing the app.


What we achieved after making consistent efforts and creative implementation was incredible. After successfully creating an app that was going to reform the process of purchasing tickets for events was finally ready.

The app had met all the requirements of our client and were satisfied with the end product. We finally pushed the app live on both Google Play store and the Apple app store. The app is working well on both platforms.

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