A pathway that UI/UX designers follow before designing your app

A pathway that UI/UX team follows before designing your app

Do you remember the last time you used a product or service? Be it your hotel check-ins, public transportation, using a mobile app, or even browsing any website. Now just think, were you able to accomplish the task? Was it easy or difficult? Every time you interact with a product or service you experience a series of emotions based on those questions. This is the user experience.

The term User Experience refers to all the aspects of the interaction you have with a product and plays an important role when it comes to designing a product, for example, an app or a website. It takes quite a lot of effort when it comes to designing an app or a website with a good user experience. We will discuss the whole journey in this blog, but before that, let’s take a look at what user experience really is.

What is User Experience

“User experience” encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products. User experience is important as it tries to fulfill the user’s needs, aiming to provide a positive experience to the users in order to keep the user loyal to the product or brand.

A meaningful user experience defines the user’s journey with the product that is most conducive to the company. A seamless user experience can ultimately lure the customer to buy the product or avail of the service again from that company.

When it comes to the role of user experience while designing an app, it is very important that the UI/UX designers make the product or the service usable, enjoyable, and at the same time valuable to the user. The design of the app may vary from customer to customer as the needs of every customer may vary depending on the company and the product they own. But generally, the phase of designing tends to be the same.

The pathway that UI/UX designers take before designing an app or a website 

Before going into the integrities of app designing it is very important for you to know the process followed before designing an app. This blog will guide you through the process of designing the app from the very beginning. 

For a user experience to be good UI/UX designers are responsible for the overall satisfaction of the customer with the product. For this, it is important for the UI/UX designers to put themself in the shoes of the customer i.e. thinking from the customer’s point of view.

  • Sketching the app
Sketching the App by UI/UX designers

The first thing which a designer needs is a rough sketch of the app. This is basically a roadmap to follow during the process of designing the app. Sketching of the app includes listing down the requirements of the clients according to their product. 

The basic structuring in the initial stage is very important so as to have a clear idea in mind before bringing the design to life. This helps in guiding the designer in the process of designing the app. There are some ready-made design tools that can help a designer build a sketch. 

  • Understanding the user and the brand
 UI/UX designers understand the User and The brand

Is it possible to work on anything before knowing about it? Absolutely not. It’s important for the designer to understand the user and the brand first and understand what the user exactly wants from the app and you as a designer. 

It is equally important that the app must sync with the brand. The app must align with the goals of the brand. Therefore a thorough understanding of the app is equally important for the designer. They must try to think and solve the problem from the user’s perspective.

  • Conduct user research 
Conduct User Research

User research provides an essential foundation for design strategy. Conducting thorough research helps in creating an optimal product for the users. User research provides an essential foundation for design strategy. A UX designer needs to first understand the user’s needs, goals, behavior, and pain points, and also the budgetary aspect of the client and then design the app accordingly.

At Applify we take the process of user research very seriously. From competitor analysis to understand the requirements, we take care of it all. You can see it reflected in the process of app development that we follow. 

  • Compiling data
build a user persona

Now that you know about the user and the brand and have done thorough research, it’s time when the designer needs to build a user persona with everything he has researched and gathered in the research stage.

This involves listing down all the requirements and identifying the most important elements of the product and the services. This stage basically acts as a roadmap about what the user flow will look like.

  • Designing the app
Designing the App

This is the actual stage when the designer works on the actual design of the app. At this stage, the designer starts building out the design. This is basically teamwork where the designer and the team get a better understanding of creating the sitemaps, wireframes, or prototypes.

This is the stage where a user interface designer will add in visual or interface elements. This includes the graphical element of the app that the user interacts with. It is important for UI/UX designers to create elements and a layout that is intuitive, accessible, and inclusive.

App design is a crucial process for which you have to be prepared. It can make or break the whole app experience. So if you have a good app idea, don’t let it go bad due to faulty designs. At Applify, we have a team of design experts who can help you with the best designs and impeccable user experience.

  • Conduct user testing 
Conduct User Testing

If the user experience with the app design is not good then the efforts of the designers go all in vain. So the work of the designer does not end once he designs the app. For testing, designers need the QA experts to test the app for all the errors and try to resolve those accordingly.

This includes validating the design by tracking how the real users interact with the product and the services. This is called usability testing. The designer needs to identify the problems with the design and develop solutions to give the users a seamless user experience.

Final Words

App designing is not an easy and fast process. Designing an app may take several months based on the requirements of the company and may differ depending on the needs. The ultimate goal is that the app must look aesthetically good and the user must have a good user experience. Good teamwork is equally important in the process of app development.

A great app design is all about making sure that you define and solve problems constantly. If designers are able to do that then they can create an app that people will love to use. 
If you’re looking forward to venturing into app development with a brilliant app idea, you’re in the right place. Connect with us and let’s discuss your project today!