App Clips: The Next Big Thing For App Development

app clips

Apple is yet again back with its groundbreaking features in its new operating system, iOS 14. The tech giant is always in competition with its arch-rivals Android for a more out-of-the-box approach. Android or iOS? which one is better is still debatable but, both have got a loyal fan base for sure. In this blog. we will discuss what are app clips and how an you can benefit from them.

Although this time Apple has come up with a few exhilarating features that will help iOS get its leg up for now. In 2009, Apple came up with its signature tagline “There’s an app for that”. Now almost after a decade, they tried to come up with an app for apps. And by that, we are referring to App Clips, the new head-turner in iOS 14.

What are App Clips?

App Clips are quicker-to-use mini versions of an app. They allow users to enjoy certain features of an app without having to download an entire app.

These can be discovered in many ways by the users.

  • By scanning the QR codes through the app camera or barcode reader.
  • By tapping on the web page configured with Smart App Banner to open them
  • By sharing the links of it via text messages
  • Through Google maps
  • By App Clips codes and NFC Tags

Different Industries Can Benefit from App Clips

  • Financial services companies can focus on their best features such as deposition and balance inquiry. Users will be able to use these features, without them having to install the application.
  • The media and entertainment industry can host many new experiences for the users such as movie theaters can offer app clips for buying tickets, getting concessions, or easy rewards and offers.
  •  Loyalty and hospitality companies can let them handle the check-in and check-out processes.
  • The digital workplace industry can also use them in different innovative ways such as the process of getting in and out of work.

Even smaller companies that do not have an app can use App Clips for their business. The examples from each industry barely scratch the surface; there are many other things that you can do with an App Clip.

How Can App Clips Work to your Advantage?

app clips

There is a lot that developers can squeeze out of this new feature that iOS 14 has introduced. Finally, you will be able to create a condensed version of your app. You just have to analyze the right features to include in this mini version.

1. Launch in Seconds

App Clips are created using native iOS SDK and are not meant to exceed 10 MBs. The idea is to provide the users with a simpler version of the app which instantly loads, is used, and then closed. Sometimes, the full app version consumes a lot of time to load, whether due to the app being heavy or poor network connection.

App clips are designed especially to eliminate this error. Today people are all about time-saving. The swiftness of this new feature will definitely attract users to use them more often.

2. Easy to Discover

Apple is also said to offer tools needed for creating the app clip codes. The app clip code will include an encoded URL and an NFC tag. This will enable the code to be tapped and scanned by the camera. The easy-to-discover feature makes app clips stand out in comparison with the apps.

Besides, App Clips will also help your app to stand out in the world by taking it from the digital world into the physical one. This can be done by showing access to your App Clip in different places and locations where your business exists.

3. Great App Advertisement

There are millions of apps ready to be downloaded in the Apple app store. But not every app gets downloaded. Especially when the users are loyal to certain favorites. In this scenario, App Clips are your best option. The process of downloading an app can feel like a lot of work.

So even if you are unable to convince them to download your app, you can give links to your app clips on your website and advertise your app by showing people its best features. In this way, you are only letting the users decide and if they liked your ideas through the app clips, they will download your app.

Final Thoughts

App Clips are the future. All these advantages barely scratch the surface. There are a number of innovative things you can do with a simple, 10 MB version of your app. So we suggest that it’s high time that you create an app clip for your business now.

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