Holidays Advice for Entrepreneurs: Prep now, Chill Later


    Holidays are an exciting time for everyone. All of us expect a period of no stress, ample family interaction and chilling.
    But that might not be the case with entrepreneurs. Because they could be dealing with clients being distracted, employees taking leaves, and increased personal commitment which they find no time to squeeze into.

    For Singapore especially, on days like Christmas, New Years and the Chinese New Year people go in for breaks, and that might not be consistent with an entrepreneur’s schedule and leads to hiccups in the processes.

    Here’s what you can do to avoid all these issues and go about chillin’ like a villain this holiday season.
    This is your last moment guide to preparing for holidays.

    1. Make a Work Plan:
      While Holiday centric strategy, I believe is already in place for you since its just 4 days before Christmas. I talk of a specific plan of finishing off all that was in the checklist by distributing it over the three days evenly and not slog for the last working day.
      It’s better to focus on conversion than getting new leads at this time, so get those sales calls completed.
      Review meets with the team that you have been postponing- now is the time to get them done too. Ending the year with a retrospection is way better than starting the new year with critiquing feedback from 2018.
    2. Budget:
      Holidays need an individual budget- In the office or at home. There’s so much to be done (that I have mentioned ahead) that requires funds.
      Cashflow in the season might not be as regular owing to delayed payments. Rather than making sudden expenses that disturb the scheme, set aside a different budget for spending on your Christmas Party, Holiday CRM and other end-of-year stuff. This can save you from shocks on seeing your credit card bills later.
    3. Holiday Cards:
      CRM does not end with your delivery of product or services. For networking to run long and fruitfully, certain gestures like sending out holiday wishes go a long way.
      This is one sweet way of maintaining your association with your clients so that you are never out of their minds if ever a similar need arises in the future.
      Offer festive discounts, remind you to leave you feedback or say thank you for choosing you and do a latent marketing trick too.
    4. Connectivity:
      Though ideally, an entrepreneur should never be off the grid, holidays are a time to unwind, and even you are allowed that.
      But make sure you are still reachable if the need arises.
      If you are planning to travel, remember to set an out of office/vacation autoresponder in your email.
      These days numerous apps allow you to connected without any hassle.
    5. Rewards and Recognition:
      You didn’t win that stellar deal alone. Neither did you deliver it alone. Your team made it possible. The festive season is also a time for recognizing all the hard work your employees had put in over the year. Reward the great performers. This doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary rewards but maybe titles or other perks that will uplift the morale and add on to the spirit.

    How the year ends has a lot to do with how the next begins. If you are stress-free, energized and rejuvenated, so will your team and will go into 2019 zealously.
    Singapore boasts of being among the best flourishing grounds for startups and the holiday season calls for collaboration, gratitude and purposeful reflection.

    The author is the Co-founder cum Chief Commercial Officer of Applify, an award-winning app development firm and has recognized among the top 300 B2B companies globally.