Ready-made apps VS Custom mobile apps: What should you choose?

custom apps

Have you ever given thought to why many businesses are failing today? Today, to remain competitive and expand their reach, businesses tend to incorporate advanced software into their business systems. Today, we will look at the differences between ready-to-use apps and custom apps.

With the continuous change in technology and market trends, we are witnessing changes in the requirements of companies for software. The availability of ready-made or out-of-the-box solutions has paved the way for businesses to meet their urgent needs. 

Whether you want to build a mobile or web application, you always have the option of choosing a ready-made solution or building one from scratch. Understanding the differences will directly contribute to choosing the right application for your business.

Ready-Made Apps Solutions

Many corporate clients who are IT savvy prefer readymade app solutions because they are familiar with customizations, terminology, and the mechanics of the software. As mentioned above, ready-made software cannot design to meet the needs of your business, but rather you must change your business model to determine how the software can fit into it.

Consider these Factors While Choosing Ready-Made Apps Solution

custom apps
  • There is no way for you to customize the layout according to your business model.
  • There is no possibility of introducing advancements of emerging technologies into readymade software because it is built using a specific technology.
  • In terms of integration with other apps, the apps can be highly restrictive.
  • Regular maintenance and 24/7 technical support may come at a high cost for readymade software.
  • The app may display unwanted branding and promotional emails if you purchase a ready-made app solution from a non-reliable vendor.
  • Users have limited control over SaaS platforms (Software as a Service), which don’t permit them to see how their data is stored. They provide limited control over internal and external processes because ready-made software has limited and typical features.
  • Ready-made programs may contain a virus or a bug that develops over time. Apps as such are more vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  • A ready-made solution does not typically allow you to form long-term relationships with the vendor. It is like buying a common thing from a vendor like hundreds of thousands of other people.
  • Updates and themes are sometimes intentionally created by vendors in order to ensure proper functionality.
  • You may need to modify your workflow when using some readymade apps.

However, there is a bright side to these apps. The ready-made software can be installed quickly and used without spending additional funds. This kind of solution is a good choice for startups and even SMEs because it is cost-effective and does not require extensive planning. Ready-made app solutions cannot meet the complex needs of a large organization because they lack flexibility and scalability. 

Custom-Apps Solutions

Large and medium-sized enterprises with long-term goals and bright futures generally opt for custom mobile apps. Custom app development is increasingly being adopted by service sectors as well as major industries such as manufacturing and retail for the purpose of providing their customers with a better experience. In building custom mobile apps, the process starts with gathering client requirements and designing software while considering factors such as market trends and complex business needs. 

Consider these Factors While Choosing a Custom Apps Solution

  • Custom application development is a complex process involving many professionals and the management of the company.
  • An enterprise software development company will offer end-to-end solutions for custom apps, from their conception to deployment, marketing, and maintenance. 
  • Native and Cross-platform apps are two options for custom mobile app development companies. Both iOS and Android apps are available for customization.
  • When you hire mobile app developers or web developers, you can select from a number of themes and layouts that will suit your needs. 
  • Mobile app development is more expensive when it is custom-built.
  • Complete control over the customized software is provided by the software development company.
  • A great deal of technical support is provided by the development company during and after the software development process.
  • One of the biggest advantages of custom mobile app development is that a qualified quality control team will identify and resolve issues from your business app.
  • Modifying customized software to meet changing requirements is extremely easy. You can get the benefit of various technological advancements with high flexibility and scalability.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to exaggerate when we say that custom application development can fix all the shortcomings of ready-made solutions. To develop a customized app, you need to conduct proper research about competitors’ apps and market trends and select a mobile app development partner that suits your needs. 

Do you want to develop a ready-made or custom app for your business? Our digital product development company can help you build a market-fit app.