8 Top App Development Companies in Singapore in 2023

top app development companies

For an advanced economy like Singapore, almost everything happens over technology. Mobiles dominate the internet space, with people spending an entire day every week online. Every business wants to make the best of this fact and take its operation to the next level by having the best app. We put together a list of the best app developers in Singapore that show great promise for the coming year. In this blog I have mentioned 8 top app development companies in Singapore.

Having customers repose their trust in the firm is the biggest win for any business. It is especially the case with IT services because these are long-term deliveries and need a continued association. Hence, winning trust is something app developers take very seriously.

The following app developers have been at the top of their games by delivering high-quality service all through 2018 and show immense potential in taking forward their fantastic work in 2019 as well. The list has been curated after research on parameters like quality of work, client reviews, and value for money.

These best app development companies have made it to our list of top app development companies in 2023 Owing to their expertise and trust reposed in them by their customers and are discussed below in detail individually.

8 Top App Development Companies in Singapore

1. Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker Labs is one of the leading mobile solutions companies specializing in e-commerce, mobility, and big data systems. The company has worked for various clients since its inception in 2011 and has provided integrated mobile solutions for challenges in retail, transportation, and others.
They build both Android and iOS apps and promise to be value driven in their approach. Visit the clutch profile here.

2. Frontline

Frontline is a Singapore-based mobile app development company which established in 2010. The team specializes in creating user-centered apps in iOS, Android, web, and cross-platform.
They have created apps for various industries like online learning, restaurants, payment, and property rental. They have worked with big names like HP and many government authorities. They also offer mobile strategy, UX design, and Real-Time Analysis. Visit the clutch profile here.

3. Applify

Applify has emerged as one of the fastest-growing app development companies in Singapore in just 4 years of its coming into being. It has expertise with both Android and iOS and has ventured into the wearable market as well. With its exceptional record of services provided, it already has worked with top enterprises like NLGIC and ANT Technologies of Singapore. Their understanding of Singapore’s demography and its multi-dimensional approach helps it to deliver its projects with unmatched precision.

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4. Swag Soft

top app development companies

Swag Soft has made its place in the list of top app developers. They have a team of creative and talented people who pay attention to detail and have made a mark for themselves in the AR/VR field. Games that they worked on have been featured and also hit the top spots of the app store categories. Apart from providing Android and iOS development, they also offer app marketing and a particular focus on game development. Visit the clutch profile here.

5. Singsys

Singsys, with headquarters in India, is a professional team of skilled and talented UI/UX designers, web developers and app developers with the vision to achieve customer satisfaction. They focus on creativity and comprehensive web solutions. They have made web and mobile applications from various portfolios like beauty and health, real estate, finance, and social media, for numerous Fortune 500 companies like Samsung. Visit the clutch profile here.

6. Codigo

Besides Android and iOS app development, Codigo also provides web development and digital marketing ever since its beginning in 2010. Their quirky designs have been a hit, and their significant presence in the digital marketing space has made them grow popular. They have built swimming tutorial apps, dine-in apps, on-demand contractor apps, etc. Their work in apps shows excellent promise, and hence it has made its place on this list. Visit the clutch profile here.

7. CodiGeeks

CodiGeeks have an experience of 12 years in web and mobile applications. Their mobile app development team offers the creation of UI/UX designs, prototyping, app development, app testing, and app deployment to the App Store and Play Store. They have built various Android and iOS apps right from e-commerce ones to donation ones. Visit the clutch profile here.

8. Skylark

Skylark is also one of the leading app development companies and has been in operation since. Their work includes making apps for a wide range of industries like healthcare, education, retail, transportation, and even oil and gas. Although established in Singapore, their team members are not limited to geographical boundaries. Visit the clutch profile here.