Why Multilingual Apps are Important for your Business?

multilingual app

English is quite a popular language for us. However, it is also a fact that many countries do not go by this logic. English language apps perform best in English-speaking countries where as multilingual apps are being used globally.

So when we develop an English-based app, we are ignoring the fact that a vast majority of people don’t speak English as their first language. These people are a lot less likely to be searching in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in English and are much more likely to first search in their own language.

Statistics Related to Multilingual Apps

According to reports by Caribou Digital and Mozilla, language is often more important than geography when competing for online spaces. They found that apps produced in Spain were considerably more popular in South America than they were in Europe.

So we can say that Spanish speakers are inclined towards using Spanish language apps. At the same time, it also shows that many popular and high-value apps are hardly used in some parts of the world simply because people in those areas don’t understand English.

The only way out of this situation is that you create an app that is not just in English but multilingual. That way you will not be stuck with an audience that understands English. You will have much more to experiment with because your app will reach different parts of the world. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why a multilingual app can help you in customer acquisition.

1. Add Value to your Product

If you have an English language-based app, chances are that your product only has value in English. While you must be happy with the reach of your product, there is so much more you could reach. Certain apps that we have on our phones, for example, a scanner app, a to-do list app, or an authenticator app, with a simple translated version applied, could function perfectly for a whole new market.

Although other apps would need more than just translation to enter a new market; they may need communities of users building or specialist knowledge of the local area. But, internationalizing your app, at least opens up these opportunities for further growth.

2. Utilize a Variety of Keywords

When we work in a specific language app, we look for the keywords of that specific language. But if you have a single-language app, chances are that many people around the world will not be able to find your app. The reason is simple.

They are not searching for your keywords but using their native language to search. Through a multilingual app, you can experiment with the various languages and keywords being used by users online. This will let people around the globe find what they have been looking for while your app will get the reach it deserves. 

3. The Ease of Getting Translations

Multilingual Apps

You might look at getting translations as an unnecessary extra expense – it could be. If you don’t put the effort into growing your app in a different location then the money spent on the translations might look like it has been wasted. But translations are pretty much a one-time cost: you simply write out all the content you want to be translated and submit that to the translator to work through page by page.

4. High Customer Insights and Loyalty

A wide range of audiences enables app developers to understand the behaviors of customers and increase the efficiency of the app. It gives a clear sight of the problems faced by the user and what they want more and app developers can use this insight to upgrade their apps and make them more users friendly.

On the other hand, time-to-time updates and more user-friendly software ensure that the users will not go to other apps if they are getting everything they want in your app. Loyal customers on a global level will eventually advertise your product and this results in more loyal customers. Eventually increasing the revenue of the app.


Customer acquisition is one of the most important steps toward a successful app. Today we talk about global takeover and internationalization but the question remains. How can we be a truly global business if we are just operating in one market that includes people speaking just one language? It’s time businesses think out of the box and explores the huge market that they have been ignoring unintentionally.

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