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Have a look at the answers to the questions commonly asked by our clients.

1. How are you different than other agencies? Why shouldn't I hire a freelancing team or any other agency?

We understand your concern as you're investing a lot of money in your project. However, when we say that we're different - we really mean it. Here's the proof:

Start Project
0- 3 Days
A Week
1-3 Months
Guaranteed Quality
Very High
Very Low
Very High
Money Back Assured
Very Low
Failure Rate
Very Low
Very High
Dedicated PM
Very High
Very Low

2. How soon will my project start?

After you approach us with your app idea - we will conduct a meeting within the team and inform you. After this, you'll have to pay your deposit.

Once the deposit is paid - our project manager will construct a team and schedule a kickoff call with you. After the kickoff call, we'll begin working on your project.

3. Do I need to manage my team after my project starts?

No, you don't need to do that. Our project manager will manage the project on your behalf and will keep you updated with the whole process.

4. I don't have much technical knowledge. Will this cause any problem while creating the app? 

We will assign you a dedicated account manager who will be your representative within the company. He will brief you everything about your project in simple non-technical language.

The account manager will also act as a bridge between you and the project manager who'll handle the technical aspects of your project. He will also ensure that your requirements are properly implemented within your project.

5. Why should I outsource my app development project to your company?

1. Quality of Work

2. Award-winning Designs

3. Great Collection of Successful Projects. Read Success Stories

6. Can we talk with your clients to know more about their experience with your company?

We're open to give references to our clients. They'll be happy to tell you about us. However, you'll only need to fill in this small Contact form.

7. Which is better for my business? An app or a website?

This is the most common confusion among businesses who're new to the digital field. So, we can understand your dilemma. The decision to have an app or a website for your business depends on many factors like your budget, target audience, types of users, preferences, etc.

Let this tool do the rest for you.

8. Why do I need an app for my business?

Here are the justified reasons for having an app for your business:

1. Over 80% people own mobile phones these days.

2. People prefer apps for even the most basic tasks.

3. Having an app will increase your user reach and make your brand popular. Read More

9. Should I have an app in iOS or Android?

Both iOS and Android are promising fields and have a decent userbase. So, we'll recommend you to have an app for both. It will help you target the right audience.

In case you want to have an app for only one platform - you'll have to keep an important factor in mind:

If your target audience is centred around regions like the US and the UK - having an iOS app is a good idea because the number of iOS users in these countries is quite high.

On the other hand, if you have your target audience in regions like Asia and Africa - it's better to have an Android app because number of Android users here are comparatively high.

10. Which qualities make you better than your competitors?

1. Quality of Work: We are very confident of our work - so confident that we even offer you a money-back guarrantee if you don't like it.

2. Free Maintenance for 90 days: Our work doesn't end just after pushing your app live. Instead, we offer free maintenance for 90 days.

3. Free Consulation: Share your idea with us. We will offer you free advice.

4. Award-winning Work: Our work has been praised and recogonized by our clients.

11. How can I check the feasibility of my app idea?

Give us a call and we will let you know in 5 minutes. Not only this - we will also guide you with new suggestions and ideas.

12. Will you guide us with new ideas?

Of course! We are always excited to mentor people with our wisdom. After all, this is the best thing we can do for them. You can contact us 24x7 to receive a free quote.

1. How were you able to put such a high-quality proposal together so quickly?

We have worked on a diversity of projects related to various sectors like health, real estate, finance, hospitality, etc. Our experience has made us capable of knowing what a client wants and what he doesn't. So, it wasn't that difficult for us to quickly create an appropriate proposal for you.

2. What makes you think that your quote and proposal are better than others?

We don't know about others - but everything we've mentioned in our quote and proposal is true. No bragging. If we've mentioned you a timeframe for the completion of your project - it will be completed within that schedule. If we've mentioned you a budget for your project - cost will never exceed no matter how bad the scenerio is. Also, if we've only mentioned those services - we provide.

This straightforward and frank approach make our project better than others.

3. How can I co-ordinate with the project development team?

We use basecamp for communication purposes. All people working on your project - including the Project Manager, Accounts Manager, design team, development team, testing team, and SEO team will be added in a group. What you say about your project will be notified to the team. This maintains transparency between you and project development team.

Apart from this, you'll also be notified about your project from time to time via email.

4. How can I keep a check on the progress of my project?

Our project manager will keep updating you about the progress of your project from time to time on basecamp. We'll also provide you an app build with each update. You can install it on your phone and see if the project is being developed good or not.

Any core technicality will be explained by the account manager in a plain and simple way.

1. How much does it cost to create a mobile app?

The cost of a mobile app depends on many factors like the app size, complexity, timeframe, the company you're hiring for app development, etc. Roughly the cost may vary somewhere between $50,000 - $1,000,000.

2. How will you deliver the project in such a low cost?

The cost we've briefed to you are completely justified. There are no hidden costs or extra charges. We'll only charge you for the work we'll do.

3. What are your hourly rates?

We don't have hourly rates at Applify. We have a fixed price instead.

The main reasons behind this are very simple and justified:

1. If we've hourly rates - you'll have to keep track of the time spent on your project. This way, you'll not be able to focus entirely on the quality.

2. Sometimes we may need to make some changes. So, in that case - having hourly rates will mean that you'll have to pay extra which is not justified at all.

That's why we've fixed rates - so that both we and you can focus on what's most important, i.e. your project.

4. Are you really worth the rates you're charging?

The kind of design quality we offer along with in-time project delivery and perks like free support for 90 days, free marketing website, and money back guarantee - is something you'll not find anywhere else.

So, yes! We're worth the rates we're charging.

5. Actually, I think that the budget for my project isn't enough. Can we partner for equity?

Unfortunately, you can't.

6. What's your payment policy?

We have standard payment policy at Applify. However, we bill for our services on milestone basis. For example:

1. We initiate your project after getting 30% payment.

2. 40% payment is made after achieving the mid milestone.

3. Remaining 30% payment is done after your project is complete and we've pushed it live after testing.

1. Do you have in-house design team?

Yes, we do have an in-house design team at Applify and the designs they create are award-winning. To believe what we say, pick any success story from the list and compliment our design work.

2. How many design iterations will be there?

We provide unlimited design iterations during the designing phase - before the development process starts.

3. Can I check the designs made by your team?

Sure! You can visit the "success stories" section of our official website. It lists all the designs made by our in-house team.

4. What if I need to see the prototype of my project?

We offer clickable prototyping - that allows you to view the prototype of your project anytime like this.

5. Actually, I want to have a website for my business. Can you create the designs for me?

For sure. We have expertise in both mobile and web design.

6. I am not looking forward to having an app. Just want to have a look at the designs. Can I do that?

Definitely you can. Just go to the "success stories" section of our official website and see what our successful project designs look like.

1. What is difference between cross-platform and native app development?

In cross-platform app development, we develop the app on all platforms (Android, iOS, and the Web) simultaneoulsy. On the other hand - in native app development approach, the app is developed individually on each platform.

2. Can you brief us about the app development process?

Briefly, app development process includes Backend development and Front end development. From initial wireframing to final testing, know all about app development process in detail by getting in touch with us.

3. How fast can you develop my project?

Well, your project completion may take from weeks to months. The time-frame of a project depends on many factors - such as structure, features, and complexity. We assure the quality development in shortest possible timeframe. We successfully completed the DHI group app in 5 weeks.

4. How can I track the development progress?

As we follow Agile methodology, we conduct frequent meetings and maintain development discipline. You get updates for every short goal achieved on basecamp or call.

5. Can I see the development progress on my phone?

Yes, of course. From the regular builds we send to you and through the prototype software.

6. Will I get to see my app on my devices?

You can see these builds if your device is compatible and review the app functionality. We keep providing the app builds to our clients from time to time - along with project development progress updates.

7. How can I give my feedback on something that I need to show?

You have the flexibility with two options - (i) you can either address your account handler and he will coordinate with the entire team, or (ii) provide your feedback/remarks on basecamp where everyone can see what you need to show.

8. I don't need an app, I only need a website. Will you create that for me?

We also specialize in web design and development. Let us know your requirements over the call or fill in this Contact form and we will give you a quick call.

9. Do you follow agile development methodology?

Yes, indeed.

1. Will I need to test my app completely?

Despite all the thorough checks and full testing without leaving any scope of in-app issues, we still recommend you to test your app at least once at your end. We love to improvise ourselves at every possible point.

2. What if I want to make any changes in the app design?

You are most welcome to do so in the designing phase. You can ask for changes during this phase and we won't charge you a single penny.

3. Do you do both manual and automatic testing?

We ensure that your app is free from any bugs, otherwise, skipped by the automated testing software. So, we favor and do manual testing.

4. Will my website work and look good on all devices and OS?

We create responsive websites and also keep in check the compatibilty and design of websites for each device during the process. As a result, you get a website with an overall look and feel that definitely exceeds your expectations.

1. How much maintenance is required after my app is live?

Primarily, you don't need to worry for maintenance for the first 3 months after your app is live. We provide our clients with 90 days free maintenance. Beyond this period, your app may undergo maintenance for adaptive, perfective or business reasons.

2. Do you offer any support after project completion?

We establish a lifetime business relation with our clients. Our team is at your service 24/7 and ready to assist you at any point of time.

3.Do you assure that the app will be approved on the store?

Each and every aspect of the store guidelines are kept in mind during the individual phase of app development. Therefore, there is no chance of the app not getting approved on the store.

4. Would you take care of my app once it gets live?

After getting published, your app might get some reviews from the users and probably that could be taken as a feedback to resolve any issues in the app. Luckily, our 90 days maintenance will come to your rescue at that point without costing you anything.

5. What would be covered in free support period?

Any sort of issues, bugs or errors in the app would be resolved free of cost during this period.

1. Are the websites and apps you create SEO friendly?


2. Can you brief me the best app monetisation strategy?

We have covered a brief article on this topic. You can read it here .

3. How can I ensure that my app gets maximum downloads?

The download rate of your app depends on the factors like - user interface and app experience, app quality, ratings and reviews, ASO, etc. You can come down in favour of our app markeing service as we have successfully promoted the apps for our clients. Although it is a trade secret, you can send us your requirements and we will show you some samples.

4. How can I make my app popular?

You can do so by appointing our app marketing service where we will ensure your app gets good reviews and increased user engagement. Also, to know more about how to increase user engagement

5. Will I be able to track the number of downloads of my app? 

Certainly. For detailed app statistics and performance reports in our app marketing service contact us here.

1. How will you ensure that our ideas don't get stolen? Do you sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)?

Stealing someone's idea is highly profane and unprofessional. We are strictly against it - and yes, we sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect your idea. We assure that your idea will be safe.

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