NOVI Health is a Singapore-based technology and healthcare company on a mission to reverse chronic disease and empower all for healthier lives. They approached us with an overview of the idea and were looking to develop a platform solely for users registered with NOVI Health that would put their nutrition, fitness, and medical experts in the pockets of their users giving them access to the full NOVI experience.


To bridge the gap between NOVI users and NOVI Health’s nutrition, fitness, and medical experts in Singapore.


After intensive research, our technical research team and Novify Health team came together to achieve the desired goal. Based on their suggestions, our design team designed a simple yet sophisticated wireframe complementing the engaging interface design.


The app was envisioned to display user health-related information in a graphical interface while allowing integration with wearables like Apple Watch, Google Watch, Fitbit and more. To overcome this challenge, our talented team came up with the idea of expanding graphs that would break the information from top to bottom by just a double-tap making the approach highly intuitive and super easy to use.


Novify is a simple and straightforward mobile app available for both Android and iOS users registered with NOVI Health. The mobile app lets them connect with health coaches, easily track meals, physical activity, and get customized fitness and meal plans to help them achieve their goals while complying with all HIPAA & HiTech security requirements.


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