Reactjs vs Angularjs: Which One is Best for your Project

ReactJS vs AngularJS

Javascript tools have been on the rise lately. Especially the debate about ReactJS vs AngularJS and which is better for your next project. Although there is no right and wrong in this case, you can only make the right decision based on what your business actually requires.

In this blog, we will take a look at all the advantages of Reactjs vs AngularJS so that you can choose the right one for your business.

What Is ReactJS?

ReactJS vs AngularJS

ReactJS is a free JavaScript library that is open-source and front-end. It is best known for building UIs based on UI components and offers a lean architecture. It is maintained by Facebook (now Meta) and has emerged as an advanced high-rendering performance solution.

ReactJS’ open-source nature has made it quite a popular and active community. It is mainly used in application development for media, entertainment, retail, artificial intelligence, and even financial technology which is better known as fintech.

ReactJS comes with a huge set of advantages and usefulness. It provides better code stability, is SEO friendly, and many more. Which we will talk about in our next section.

Why Choose ReactJS?

As mentioned earlier, ReactJS is quite a popular library and comes with an array of advantages. Developers can utilize these advantages as per their will. Here are the 3 main reasons that make ReactJS stand out.

1. Great Productivity

ReactJS gives way to extraordinary productivity. As it has its own virtual DOM (Document Object Model) and deals with every progression it takes to make it. Besides it also updates and refreshes the DOM consistently.

2. Good SEO

Web search tools are of the perception that JavaScript substantial applications are hard to pursue even after correcting and enhancing them. Hence SEO is one of the major issues of JavaScript systems. But this is not the case with ReactJS.

3. Components in ReactJS

ReactJS gives way for easily importing components like PolymerJS and Shadow Document Object Model (SDOM). These are used to make customizable elements in your application and thus give way for creativity.

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Disadvantages of Using ReactJS

But again no library or framework is perfect. So there are also certain disadvantages that can make ReactJS a bit daunting.

1. No Documentation

Since ReactJS is evolving and being updated constantly, there is no proper documentation in place. So the developers write instructions themselves with the evolution and new updates and tools. This is also time-consuming.

2. Constantly Evolving Landscape

Although this might sound like a good thing,, sometimes with the ever-evolving React environment, it becomes overwhelming for the developers. They don’t feel like learning new ways of doing things ever so often. 

 3. JSX Considered a Barrier

ReactJS uses JSX. JSX is a syntax extension that allows the use of HTML together with. Although it is an advantage for some, it is quite complex and complicated. Hence JSX is considered a barrier. 

What Is AngularJS?

ReactJS vs AngularJS

Angularjs is an open-source front-end javascript-based, web framework. It is best known for developing single-page applications. With AngularJS, you can create applications that use the model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–view model (MVVM) architectures.

AngularJS is maintained by Google. This framework comes with an array of advantages of its own including easy to test, customize, and expand, open-source, a simple architecture, etc.

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Why Choose AngularJS?

Out of several advantages here are the top three reasons you can choose AngularJS for your next project.

1. Easy to Learn and Understand

AngularJS is super easy to learn. Plus if you already know languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, you can easily learn AngularJS. It also offers a number of opportunities for web developers and is in great demand.

2. Powerful Framework

AngularJS is a powerful framework with features such as Filters, Animations, Form Validation, API Client, and Routing. Web development becomes more efficient and simple as a result of these features.

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3. Easy Testing

As all the regulators depend on the Dependency Injection, this makes AngularJS stand out. This is because, in AngularJS, mock data is injected into the controller during the unit testing. Hence it is directly linked to Dependency Injection.

Downsides of Using AngularJS 

Besides several advantages, AngularJS also has certain challenges of its own.

1. Poor for SEO

AngularJS is considered quite poor when it comes to SEO. As AngularJS injects HTML into an already loaded page, this creates hurdles in the indexing of URLs and thus making SEO an issue. 

2. Difficulties in Switching 

When it comes to switching to ANgular from ANgularJS, there is no easy way. Engineers have to go through long documentation in order to migrate from one to another which makes it difficult.

3. Have to Know MVC

If you are an AngularJS developer, you need to have a clear idea of the Model-View-Controller architecture. If you don’t know it well and use the traditional development approach AngularJS can be quite time-consuming.

ReactJs vs AngularJs: Difference

The ReactJS vs AngularJS debate will be constant. But here are the 5 main differences based on which you can make your decision.

What is it?AngularJS is a structural framework for developing dynamic web apps.React is a javascript library that allows you to build UI components.
LanguageAngular is based on Typescript 

React is based on Javascript.
Allows adding JavaScript Library to source code?NoYes
Testingtesting and debugging for the complete project with a single tool. Requires different tools for different testing.
Model baseMVC (Model View Controller)Virtual DOM


The ReactJS vs AngularJS debate will go on. And there is no right or wrong. It’s only a matter of what your project requires. You can use ReactJS if you are planning to go for modern web development and native-rendered mobile applications for Android and iOS. On the other hand, Angular will be a great choice if you want to opt for full-fledged feature-rich application development.

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