Why you should Use Laravel Framework for Faster Web App Development in 2023?

why use laravel

In an era where frameworks and programming languages are increasing, building high-performance web applications can be challenging. Laravel framework has maintained its top spot on the top PHP MVC frameworks list. With Laravel, you can enjoy the creative experience to the fullest extent, while accessing a wealth of elegant features that cover all aspects of everyday use cases. Developing robust web applications with PHP is undoubtedly easier with Laravel. 

In PHP, you can find many frameworks that have robust technical capabilities, such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, Slim, etc. Also, choosing a framework that meets your requirements can be challenging due to aspects like cost, experience, popularity, third-party integration, deployment, and testing. 

Reading this article will help you understand the importance of the Laravel PHP framework in web app development.

Understand PHP Framework

By creating a standard structure for developing web applications, PHP frameworks rationalize web app development written in PHP. The main reason PHP frameworks are useful is that they facilitate rapid application development (RAD), which helps you develop more stable applications and decreases the amount of repetitive coding.

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What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is an open-source framework based on the PHP programming language developed by Taylor Otwell, that is mainly used for creating web applications. In recent years, Laravel has gained rapid popularity due to its unique built-in features and a rich ecosystem of compatible packages and extensions.

Laravel framework will ease the development process by simplifying common tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching used in most web projects. In order to build robust applications, Laravel offers the versatility and power you are looking for. You can rely on Laravel to deliver the best testing experience. 

Over 7,000 companies use the Laravel framework to develop web applications. Web applications created with Laravel are typically custom-built PHP applications. This framework handles a wide variety of aspects, such as routing, HTML templates, and authentication. Developing web applications with the Laravel framework results in shorter development times and higher coding efficiency.

MVC is a design pattern that’s used in Laravel. The Laravel framework provides a wide choice of functions, documentation, and overall performance. Websites built in Laravel have an attractive layout and a user interface that is both easy to use for beginners and aesthetically pleasing. Security standards must be followed in order for development processes to be effective. The concept of IoT is now being incorporated with Laravel to make things easier and more efficient. Laravel solved the problem of user authentication and other aspects of the development process that had been challenging. 

What is Laravel Used for?

  • Web pages that are static and dynamic
  • Multi-page and single-page applications
  • Applications for enterprises
  • The web applications that run on portals, such as forums, job boards, and news feeds
  • An Object-Oriented Framework and MVC support

What are the Major Benefits of Laravel Framework?

why use laravel

1. Overall Performance

Laravel makes it easy for you to ensure that your website runs at maximum speed. The tool offers tons of features and out-of-the-box functionality, helping you take your business to heights. It is important to choose the right framework as it affects how quickly the page loads and how quickly the website responds.

2. Security Terms

To protect your website and safeguard your customers’ data against leaks and hackers, you must have a security mechanism in place. A website that doesn’t have data security will soon fall behind. 

3. Community Support

With a huge team of developers and experts on hand, Laravel is ranked as one of the best frameworks for website development. No matter whether a developer is having difficulties with a particular feature or wishes to create one from scratch, the team is ready to assist. 

4. Popularity

Laravel is a tremendous PHP development framework that has an extremely large community of experienced developers. It is one of the most popular frameworks among web developers worldwide. 

5. Inexpensive

The great thing about Laravel is that you do not need to pay for using it. Additionally, it makes it possible to create & maintain user-friendly applications quickly & easily. 

Wide Range of Libraries

Laravel has 20 libraries comprised of several modules. With the Laravel PHP framework, it is possible to develop a website in a variety of environments. In order for the software to seamlessly adjust to the platform, libraries contribute to the authorization process.

Why Use Laravel Framework for Web App Development in 2023?

Here are six reasons why you should use Laravel in 2023

1. Validation

A Validation Request trait is by default used by the Laravel framework for controlling HTTP requests. If there are errors in the session data, the application can generate views based on them.

2. MVC Support

In addition to its MVC compliance, Laravel provides integrated support for the IOC (Inversion of Control). The MVC makes it easy to customize or change the templates and codes. With this, your app’s performance will improve, and the process will continue to run smoothly. 

3. Libraries

Authentication libraries provide Laravel features such as resetting passwords and monitoring active users. Using Laravel, developers are able to build modular apps by following PHP principles.

4. Code Separation

For its web application, Laravel has the capability to separate the code. With Laravel, HTML Layout Designers can easily modify a webpage without interacting with developers, unlike other PHP frameworks. 

5. Authentication

Software developers spend considerable time authenticating written code, which is one of the most important aspects of a web-based application. With Laravel 5, authentication has become so simple because it comes with a ready-to-use authentication system.

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Top Laravel Trends in Web App Development 2023

why use laravel

Here are a few Laravel trends that businesses and entrepreneurs are adopting and implementing worldwide:

1. PHP Development Outsourcing

The PHP programming language has emerged as one of the top programming languages in the development sector. Today, the majority of good-looking sites are built with PHP. 

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2. Hashed Text

The hashing process converts a string of characters into a key (readable format). Private information and passwords are stored in text format for ease of access.

3. AI Chatbots

The AI Chatbots have the ability to interact with people just like humans, assisting with technical issues, customer support, and assisting in SOP guidance. It allows you to create smart chatbots and streamline customer support processes so that you can offer simpler and faster customer service. 

4. Cloud Integration

Laravel’s cloud integration has become one of the most popular web application development trends. Combining the latest application trends with the web application framework offers businesses affordable, flexible, and scalable web solutions.

Final Thoughts

When developing a web application, selecting the right framework is one of the most pivotal aspects. 

We hope you have gained an understanding of why Lavarel is an excellent framework for creating your website. Laravel will fulfill all your needs no matter if you are a startup or a large corporation. 

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