Why Every Entrepreneur Should Code: Learn From Singapore’s top Entrepreneurs


Should I learn how to code?
This is the question that many entrepreneurs face at some point in their career.
Every businessman’s reaction is different at this stage.
“I should learn it. The skill might be helpful later,” some think and join a coding course.
“I have people who do coding. Why should I ?” other wonder and ignore.
Well, if you ask Applify:
Coding is essential for everyone. It gives you a new insight.
Most of you might agree but not completely. For that, you will need a lot more than this. You need strong proof.
So, here we present:

Successful Singaporean entrepreneurs telling you why coding is essential?

After reading their responses, you’ll be forced to think. So, have a look:

1. “Coding helps you build a more innovative business with sophisticated technology” – Poon Da Quian

Poon Da Quian is the founder of a CEO of Butler in Suit, Singapore’s first hospitality service for homes and apartments.
According to him:
“Technology is not going to disappear. As a businessman or an entrepreneur, applications with more sophisticated technology stand out.
With artificial intelligence ramping up, a lot of manual jobs will be made redundant.
Be it entrepreneurs, C level executives, students, junior roles – you need to be prepared or at least exposed to these technical know how-tos so you can stay relevant to the economies of the future.”