Smart TV App Development Guide: How-to Create, Key Features, and Development Cost

Smart tv app development

Every possible industry is moving forward to establish its digital presence by being available on smart devices. Like mobile apps are helping businesses to improve their service, smart TV app development is upscaling the business opportunities for various industries like entertainment, media & broadcasting, gaming, etc. 

Over the years, the TV ecosystem has immensely evolved. Smart TVs have come up that renewed the interest of the audiences. These devices are constantly facilitating users with enhanced surround sound, bigger screens, and an amazing viewing experience. 

This advancement has led businesses to build apps that work seamlessly with Smart TVs.

Before we understand how smart TV app development is done, let’s have a look at some of the popular Smart TV app categories. 

Smart TV App Development: Categories 

Smart tv app development

TV apps serve best when it comes to manifesting the audio-visual experience. And have scaled up the operations of many businesses. So, here are some top Smart TV app Categories.

1. Gaming TV App

Among smart TV apps, gaming tv apps are another popular category. Using a wireless keyboard or Bluetooth controller, users can play almost any game right on the TV. Without connecting other devices like Xbox or Playstation

2. Learning TV Apps

Children have been exposed to a vast world of better learning through many learning TV apps. Through these apps, kids develop new skills, learn interactively, and broaden their horizons. TVs with their large screens make the experience even more enjoyable.

3. Marketing & Advertising App

Promotional ads during video streaming sessions are one-way smart tv apps that are monetized. An advertising and marketing management app for smart TVs is also an option.

4. Smart TV Video Streaming App

Users can subscribe to video streaming TV apps as a replacement for cable television. There are tons of TV shows and movies available on these platforms. Aside from that, internet browsers are also able to watch live TV.

Top Platform to Develop Smart TV App

Likewise in the smartphone industry, there are majorly two platforms (iOS and Android). Similarly, Smart TVs have their own platforms. 

  • Samsung smart TV app development
  • Sony smart TV app development
  • Android TV app development
  • Vizio smart TV app development
  • Apple TV app development
  • Panasonic smart tv app development
  • LG Smart TV app development
  • Roku TV app development
  • Amazon Fire TV app development

Once the platform is decided, you can start identifying what are the key considerations while developing your smart TV application. 

Smart TV app Development: Key Considerations

Smart tv app development

1. Market Study 

Conduct thorough market research before beginning the development of your smart TV app. Identifying your competitors and their apps is dependent on the target audience you have in mind. In this way, you can determine the best platform for your app, the purpose it will serve, the likelihood of your app being used, etc. 

In order to get a better understanding of how to prepare for a market-fit mobile you can check out this guide to get started with a mobile app idea.

2. Device Sizes and Screen Resolutions

When it comes to manifesting the audiovisual content on a big TV screen it is very important for a Smart TV app developer to consider the user perspective while developing the front end. 

Factors like estimating distance, resolution, screen sizes, etc play an important role in such type of product development. 

3. Remote Control Functionality 

A remote control user experience should be considered when designing Smart TV applications. Various platforms explore innovative ways to provide more remote control options. As an example, Apple TV uses touch inputs, whereas Amazon Fire TV uses speech inputs. In the long run, improving the user experience for your consumers will help you retain them.

4. Seamless Navigation

A seamless user experience can win hearts. Smooth navigation is very essential while building a smart TV app. Your app must perform all the necessary functions smoothly. 

5. Choosing the Right Development Partner 

There are a lot of mobile app development companies, but there are very few that specialize in building competent and functional smart TV apps. Your company should have extensive experience in your field and have delivered effective products within your niche.

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6. Make it User-centric

When it comes to the usage of an application. Be it mobile apps or TV apps it is important to provide a simple and easy-to-understand UI. 

Smart TV App Development: Key Features 

Smart tv app development

The functionality of smart TV devices is way different and minimalist compared to any other device. You have just a remote control that works as an input device. So, as your TV gets smarter, so do its controllers. So here are some top features while you are developing your Smart TV app.

1. Smart Recommendation 

You can use this feature to maintain personalized data such as user history, browsing patterns, and desired preferences which makes it easier for you to choose appropriate content. They can have access to diverse genres. 

2. Integrated Media Player 

Video and audio streaming can be enjoyed on smart TVs with media player integration. The large screen of the TV allows users to enjoy the content instead of portable devices.  

3. Remote Control Compatibility

A remote is the only way for users to navigate through smart TV apps. Ideally, the app’s options should correspond with the buttons on the controllers so that users know which ones to press.

4. Voice Search

Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and Alexa are among the popular digital assistants of today. You should enable users to search using voice commands by seamlessly integrating your smart TV app with these digital assistants.

5. Support for Multiple Devices and Languages

A single subscription allows users to access content on every device where you can entice them, starting with just one. Furthermore, multilingual support makes it more personalized, especially for those whose first language differs from that of other targeted regions. 

6. Chromecast Support

If you are building a smart TV app there are high possibilities that there will be mobile app and web app versions, in order to ensure your app multi-deciles connectivity. Adding in-built Chromecast support is a must-have feature. 

Confused about selecting some of the top features for your smart TV app? This guide on popular features in the mobile app can help you select some of the best features.

Cost to Develop a Smart TV App?

While developing an app it is important to understand that it includes various types of costs. Below, we have mentioned the type of cost to develop a smart TV App. 

  • Features and Functionality 
  • App design ( UX and UI)
  • App complexity
  • Development method
  • Tech Stack
  • Team structure 
  • Maintenance and support costs. 
  • Hourly rates 

Want to get an idea of the smart TV app development budget? This guide on app development cost in Singapore will help you get the estimated cost.

Final Thought 

In the coming years, smart TVs will continue to grow in popularity among customers. You can start your app development journey if you have an exceptional idea. 

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