How Much Does It Cost to Build an App in Singapore?

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Introduction: The mobile app landscape in Singapore

Singapore boasts of a Smartphone penetration rate of over 90%. The latest studies also show that smartphone users in Singapore spend approximately 3 hours a day on mobile applications. The average monthly app usage in Singapore stands at 40% (40 apps for every 99 downloaded). In regard to daily app usage, Singaporeans use approximately 12 apps a day, which is higher than the global average.

In a nutshell, Singapore has a very vibrant mobile app landscape. Apps are now inevitable and lucrative in most parts of the world with Singapore leading the way. If you are thinking on cashing in on the Singapore app “craze” with your own app. you are in the right place. To get started, you must know the average cost of app development in Singapore. Here’s everything you need to know about cost and more.

What do you need to create an app? Components of creating a mobile app Singapore

  1. Objective/s

Before you start creating an app, you must define your app objectives. You can do this easily by asking yourself why you want to create a mobile app in the first place. The reasons may vary from solving a problem to achieving certain business or personal goals.

  1. App layout

Before you create an app, you’ll also need an app layout. App layouts are dictated by the functionalities you want in your app. Components of an app layout include but aren’t limited to: forms, eCommerce integrations, chat, push notifications, social sharing, etc.

  1. Wireframes

Once you have defined your app objectives and created a layout, it’s time to create visual guides (wireframes) to represent the app layout and flow between screens.

  1. Testing

The app creating process also involves a lot of testing to ensure everything flows and the user experience is excellent before you start the actual app creating process.

  1. App development

After mapping out everything, you can start developing your app. The app development process involves choosing a programming language as well as an app building platform. This largely depends on your budget.

The cost of creating an iOS app in Singapore vs. the cost of creating an Android app in Singapore

To create an app, you need to outsource mobile app developers or a mobile app development company, unless you are an app developer yourself. The cost of creating a sophisticated social media app like Facebook and Snapchat for iOS is approximately SGD$40,000. Uber for iOS costs SGD$45,000 to SGD$50,000 while the Android app cost would be roughly SGD$38,000. An eCommerce application as sophisticated as Amazon would cost you SGD$45,000. Building a basic mobile app with the most basic functionalities will cost you approximately SGD$10,000. The same kind of app can cost less (up to 50% less) if a less experienced developer makes it. Although the cost of an app varies depending on many things, Android apps tend to cost less than iOS apps. The main reason behind this is; the technical skill required by for iOS app development is higher. Apple also has stricter app verification guidelines and higher costs for publishing apps.

Other mobile app Singapore development cost variables

Experienced app developers in Singapore charge up to SGD$2,500 per hour. As a result, the average cost of building an app in Singapore up to the primary phase is SGD$30,000. It costs an extra SGD$15,000 to get an app to the final version.

According to the most recent cost statistics, Singapore is the 4th most expensive country in regard to app development cost. North America, Australia, and the UK are the only countries that have higher app development costs than Singapore.

It’s also worth noting that app development costs vary greatly depending on the type of app. Mobile shopping apps are the cheapest to develop in Singapore at an average cost of SGD$20,000 — SGD$40,000. Gaming apps are the most expensive at SGD$80,000 — SGD$100,000. The cost of building an app also depends on the size of the team developing the app and the time it takes to finish building the app.


In a nutshell, app development is a very complicated process. For this reason, the cost of building an app in Singapore or any other country isn’t set on stone. There are very many variables ranging from the experience of the developers to the type of app, complexity, the OS the app will run on, the size of the development team among many other factors.

It’s, therefore, better to seek the expertise of a mobile app development company in Singapore to be able to get an accurate cost estimate among other important information like risk factors associated with developing your app.