5 Popular Features In Mobile Apps that Delight Users

Features in a mobile app that delights users

We all have heard Apple’s famous catchphrase “there’s an app for that” and have parroted it at some point in time. But as much as it’s catchy, it’s also indeed true. The mobile app development industry has been on an all-time high and there is in fact an app for almost every day-to-day function. 

But one thing the app developers and designer tend to forget is that today the audience is getting smarter and have more filtered ideas about an ideal app.

With so many choices only the best ones make the mark. And if you want that to be your next mobile app, here are the 5 gestures that you must include in your mobile app.

1. Option to Search 

A search option in any app is as important as the fuel in the car. Whenever users land up on your mobile app, they come with an expectation of finding the solution to the query that brought them there. Sometimes the solutions are well hidden by the app functionalities of the bold UI design patterns.

Without a search option, your users are bound to get lost and abandon will your application in no time. Effective site search leads to better usability. When your customers can find things more quickly this will have a positive impact on your sales as when the customers find what they are looking for, they will most likely make a purchase.

Apart from incorporating this option, it is also important to place it where the users expect it to be. Whenever you get on an app, where is the search bar mostly present? Top right? 

Why does the location of the feature matter? It’s mainly because when the users use something similar on different platforms, that’s how they perceive it. Suppose you place it on the bottom right. A user searching for it is most likely to look for it at the top and then may leave the action midway. It is a part of user mental models.

To know more about user mental models, read our article on mental models and how they lead to a better user experience.

2. Feedback and Support

Feedback is yet another important feature in an app. In fact, it is considered the best technique in UX design to enhance the user experience and When users use any app, they like the sense of being crucial to the brand. It is them after all that you are creating for. So when there is something about your mobile app; a feature or functionality that they do not like, they should be able to report it back to you.

Feedback can also be positive that can give your app development team a great boost and motivation. In short, feedback of any kind will only help your app get better with time. User feedback is a great way of improving the app user experience and ultimately helping your business grow.

3. Social Media Integration

In 2021, there is no excuse for any person or business not to be active on social media. Today when social media is one of the most accessible platforms for any business sales and marketing, it should be yours too. Social media integration is a great way of indulging the clients that might come to your app through these social platforms.

Also many times, people like to check the authenticity of a business website or application. Mobile apps that are integrated with social media make it easy for the users to access them through these platforms without opening the actual apps.

4. Offline Access

A vast majority of mobile applications rely on internet connection. This is fine because in a world with 5g and upcoming technologies, the internet can bring new levels of speed enhancements. But the online applications become problematic when they are faced with the issue of no internet connectivity. Many times due to several different issues, the inferior connectivity range can cause a blunder for your user experience.

As the users using the slow speed functionalities can get frustrated. Due to this reason, many apps owners opt for offline access too. This offline access can be granted for certain specific app content and features. This becomes a vital attribute of a positive app user experience and delights the users greatly. 

5. Simple UX-UI Design Patterns

The worst mistake you can make while developing an app is making the UI and UX elements all confusing and too bold. Although every now and then users look for innovation in design and something the is catchy and attractive, too much of it can always cost you in the long run.

This is why you should always opt for simple design patterns that work impeccably for your brand. Simplicity is always a winner when it comes to UX design and mobile app development.


The above-mentioned 5 features are a must-have for any mobile app. Other features and functionalities are up to the mobile app developers, designers, or product owners, but if you want to deliver a user experience that is simply beyond good these generalized features will do the trick for you.

Today users love apps that allow getting things done quickly and are non-complicated. All the features mentioned above check these requirements. 

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