What Makes an App Stand Out?


There are over 2 million apps each on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.
There are multiple apps for everything you want to get done.
Read news? Ordering Food? Play Quiz? Users today have hundreds of options to choose.
That the number is growing every day, is not surprising at all.

App developers churn out apps that hit the Singapore market now and then but what makes some apps successful while others not?
What makes some apps become a habit, (how many of us are addicted to Instagram, right?) while some go into the bin right after the install (if at all it gets noticed first)?

People download apps and prefer them over websites because :

  • They are more appropriate.
  • They are faster
  • To get discounts/rewards or other benefits
  • To get more personalized service.

Thus, the right app is what will keep your customer happy.
As a complete Internet addict, I have spent enough time browsing, installing (and uninstalling) and using apps to bring you this list of features that make an app stand out.

1. Your app should be an answer to a query:

Why will someone go to the app store in the first place? To look for tools to fix his/her situation.
If you build your app without a clear purpose as to what problem will it solve, it will never be successful.
The first step towards getting an app is this, think of it as a solution to a problem.
An app for sending gifts to a relative and want them to live tracked?
A gaming app to keep away the blues and boredom?
An app to control the use of other apps?
As Simon Sinek says, start with the why!

2. Offer personalization:

The primary reason someone downloaded an app was to get a more customized version of what there is to offer.
As soon as a user downloads the app and launches it, there should be a welcome an onboarding guide and welcome messages after the secure login.
(Heck, I love cute words like Howdy! Snigdha, Welcome aboard.)
Once the login details fed into the app, the app should instantly personalize the home page according to the gender, location, etc.
How absurd it would seem to someone sitting in Katong being suggested warm parka coats on the home page is a big no.
Refining suggestions based on search history or previous purchases can offer better personalization options.
If you build your app or hire an app development company, this should keep in mind at all times.

3. No compromise on performance:

Picture this: You are in the middle of completing your transaction the perfect pair of shoes you saw, but the app keeps collapsing when you go to the cart.
Alamak!! How frustrating is it!
Out goes an app, if it cannot deliver value with good speed, fewer data, and a minimal effort. A maximum number of consumers would retry a mobile app only once or maybe twice if it failed to work the first time, not any time more. The poor mobile app experience is likely to discourage users from using an app again

To ensure that the app runs perfectly, it should undergo an intensive testing procedure. It is essential that the testers are skilled to provide rigorous checks. All bugs or glitches should be taken care of because any app hits the market.

4. Clean but effective UI

app design_applifyblog
If you open the Uber App, it is evident in the very first sight what the app is, what it does and how to go about doing it. That is the power of a great user interface. There is no clutter, no noise. The solution to the need is at the fingertips in a matter of seconds.
Little things like the colors and fonts used, the touch space, accessibility make a significant impact on the user and make him/her remember the app. The navigation needs to be simple, the app should allow most of the operation via a single hand. Such checkpoints to your app developer will enable them to design your app better.

5. Prompt Customer Service

No matter how advanced technology gets, there is nothing parallel to human touch. It is always nice to know that someone cares. Customer service plays a role here. If you can make your customers believe that they are valued and at the center of what you do, you are winning. Don’t you keep going back to the same restaurant where you treated like a king? It is the same with apps.
Have instant chat options, give various means to reach out- emails and contact numbers which are readily answered.

6. Good level of engagement

app_engagement_applifyblogIf you build an app and forget about it, so will the user.
Also, to create more revenues from your app, it is important to keep your users engaged, so they make use of your app.
(Domino’s almost makes me want to order a pizza when it sends me that ‘We miss you’ message.)
What comes in handy here are push notifications and in-app messaging. These notifications are way better than emails since they directly show on the home screen of the smartphone. People are more likely to click on push notifications than a passive email.
Image source
But this should be done sparingly and strategically, or it will end up being another annoying feature of any other app.

Aren’t we all in the pursuit of the perfect match always? Whether a person, a hotel or a job. Same goes with an app.
There might be hundreds of thousands of options for anything but what makes an app the perfect match for your need and makes it stand apart are these points.
You can talk to app development experts in Singapore to make that happen for your business.

Which are the apps that you are addicted to?