How to help your developers overcome common hurdles in development

How to help your developers overcome common challenges in Mobile application development

Launching a newly developed software is as challenging as it is rewarding. Whether you are a newbie developer or an expert in the field every day presents new opportunities to gain new insights and improve your skills. Surpassing each step in the process of mobile application development and approval, there are also several challenges.

Being 100% correct in the development process is not something you can always guarantee. Most often things may go wrong than right and that is when the developer needs to start the process from the very beginning. However, that is not always the case. 

Developers prepared to overcome obstacles are often successful in doing so. The key is knowing how to overcome common software development obstacles. Though sometimes this can be a tiring process there are ways to overcome them without hindering your development process.

Continue reading the blog to find out some of the common software development challenges that you can overcome and make the development process much easier.

5 common app development obstacles you can overcome

  • Minimize interruptions 
Minimize interruptions to help your developers overcome common challenges in Mobile application development

Mobile application development is a task that takes a lot of focus and streamlined workflow. Sometimes the app developers run sprints to follow through the process. In such scenarios, interruptions can be challenging and lead to loss of productivity. When we say interruptions we mean unnecessary meetings, walk-ins, stand-up calls, phone calls, off-site and on-site excursions. A lot can be interruptive and focus disturbing. 

Writing code takes a whole lot of focus. It’s not just about the time of the whole interruption but also each time an interruption occurs, it takes quite some time to gather the mind back to the code. You can easily overcome this common hurdle by simply minimizing interruptions. Cut short the number of times you organize meetings and instead gather everyone for one meeting at the beginning of the day. And if need be, another follow-up meeting at the end of the day. 

Remember all the downtime adds up and is ultimately delaying the development process. Leave your mobile app developers alone to get the most productivity, so they can write cleaner codes. Minimize the interruptions to as less as possible and you will see the results in the form of efficiency and productivity.

That’s why at Applify, we achieve a seamless workflow through a time-tested process of app development where all the teams work efficiently in their own space.

  • Communication Breakdown
Communication Breakdown

Communication during the process of mobile application development is very important and also one of the most common obstacles in the process of development. It is necessary to understand that the development process is not just only limited to the developer but involves a team of testers, designers, QA, etc. That’s why hardcore communication is of utmost importance between the testers, designers, and developers to make an app development process error-free.

For a hassle-free development process, it is important for all the teams to get on the same page. Communication breakdown not just results in the delayed launch, but also faulty products. Take it as a priority to align communication between developers and designers and testers and let them be acquainted with each other. Better indulged teams perform effectively.

Another good way to avoid any delays in the timeline is to brainstorm the team at the very beginning itself. This leads the teammates to coordinate better during the process. In today’s work environment where professionals mainly work remotely, it is crucial to include some good communication tools in your workflow for effective communication. Take a look at these 11 communication tools you can utilize.

  • Poor time management
Poor time management

Delays in delivery are something that clients exclusively do not like at all. Therefore to ensure timely delivery of the app to the client it is important for everyone in the team to stick to the timeline. Mismanaged timelines and missed launch dates are very common obstacles that people overcome during mobile application development.

These delays might be a result of unforeseen blockers or maybe some issues that are just expected to come up. A top-notch solution for this kind is obstacle includes, firstly the team being ready with the alternatives always and secondly questions such as “what could go wrong?” and “what if this will not work out?” etc have been discussed with the team in advance. Also, it is important for the team as a whole to stay calm and act calmly if any such situation arises.

  • Overloading the app with features
Overloading the app with features

We all have heard often that the customer experience is what the mobile app developers think of while developing the mobile app. This is true in fact that the customer experience does play an important role but not at the cost of unnecessary loading the app with features. 

It is important for the developers to understand that while developing the software they must try to make the software with features that are important and relevant, unnecessarily loading extra features to it will further slow down the app and may ultimately result in a bad user experience.

You can also check our blog on how to improve user experience here.

  • Underestimating the importance of quality assurance
Underestimating the importance of quality assurance  in Mobile application development

When it comes to quality assurance it plays an important role in the process of app development. Quality is something for which the clients never want to compromise. Customer satisfaction exclusively depends on the quality of the app. Even the best app idea but with poor quality tanks. 

An app that can give the customers a better experience is what the developers must focus on. In order to achieve a high-performance product, the quality of the coding needs to be reviewed and tested continuously.

We understand the importance of quality products that’s why quality assurance is one of the main parts of our development and maintenance services. Explore all our services and see for yourself.

Final words time-tested process of app development

We agree to the fact that there are times when the developer has to face the blockers at the time of development that cannot be postponed. Minimizing the blockers is the key. If the developer communicates with the team well before and discusses such obstacles well before the project, then the app development process will get much smoother.

Developing an app takes time and focus. That’s why if you are planning to outsource your app development, choose the firm that has the industry experts as well as a good reputation so that your time and investment do not go to waste. 
Applify is your perfect outsourcing partner. With 8+ years of experience, we can ensure top-quality product development for our clients. So connect with us today.