7 Factors That Can Significantly Affect Your Mobile App Development Time

Factors that might affect your mobile app development time

Today when a huge majority of our lives is dominated by smartphone and mobile applications, the app development industry is on an all-time high. Your business may be cool and successful, but it will not catch an eye unless you are able to validate it with some kind of digital presence. Whether it’s a website or mobile application or even a web app, people want to see you on the internet. It has become a way of validating businesses in this digital era. 

Getting an idea of a mobile app is one thing. Mobile app development is a whole different story altogether. It is a long process from strategy to development and then launches. So while developers try to develop the apps in less time, there are several things about mobile app development that might be crucial to the process but are time-consuming in some ways. 

In this blog let’s discuss 7 factors that might be consuming time in your app development process and how you can resolve them.

1. UX UI Design

The UI UX design is one of the main aspects of any mobile application that can affect its development time. An app with a complicated UI design might take longer to develop due to the visually appealing components. At the same time, these apps might be hard for the users to navigate.

So what works the best for today’s users is a mobile app that is simple and easy to work on. Always consider an application that is not more than a hundred MB, with an efficient code, and can easily fetch the data from the server. 

2. Resources

Your mobile app development time also depends on the limit of resources you are working with. There are several developers, but very few of them are capable enough to complete a process within the estimated time. Also, the most talented mobile app developers are the busiest ones in the industry.

Therefore, businesses tend to hire the best application development companies that can develop the apps within a decided timeline causing no delays to the launch. 

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3. Several Features

Integrating several features in a mobile application can for obvious reasons increase your mobile app development time. For instance payment applications that make use of QR code scanning, transfer and receive payments, etc might take months to develop.

On the other hand, mobile apps like Quora that just fetch data are easily developed in a shorter time. Besides the development time, the more features you are adding, the more complicated and confusing you are making it for the users. So unless it’s really crucial to the app, do not stuff unnecessary features.

4. Security

Security is the main concern of every product owner and app developer. Nobody wants data breaches and applications that expose users’ personal data and posses a threat to their security. But at the same time, a highly secured mobile app might also take longer to develop.

But in any case, hack-proof apps are the need of the day so we will suggest that you must bear with the time duration of development and get your mobile apps as secure as possible. 

Read our blog on How To Build Highly Secure Mobile Apps to know more about the best practices of developing secure mobile apps.

5. Specific Functionalities

Mobile apps with specific functionalities such as Uber have a longer app development time. This is because of their algorithms. For example in Uber whenever a customer wants to book a cab, the app will search for all the nearby drivers, the distance of the destination, etc.

Hence the backend has to use a decision engine that increases the app development time. On the contrary mobile apps like weather forecasting or Reddit simply have to fetch data and hence can be created in a comparatively short period of time.

6. Constant Testing

Constant testing is an important part of mobile app development. Stabilizing an application is crucial but also time-consuming. But with several lines of code, there are chances that there might be bugs and errors. Developers can save some time by reaping the benefits of beta testing in such cases. It is an easier way to check mistakes and bugs before launching the app.

In any case, testing is an inevitable part of mobile app development. So try to save time whenever possible and make use of best development practices when you can.

7. Review and Launch

Reviews and launches might seem easy but are time-consuming processes. Before an app is live it has to be submitted and reviewed before it gains approval on the app stores. So while the Apple App Store takes up to a week for approval, Android gets the application approved within an hour or a day. So it also depends on which platform your mobile app is for.

Android app development is the better choice if you want to save yourself some time. But in any case, you will have to carry forward with the marketing and website, and social media account development for further marketing. 


Mobile app development might be time-consuming but once the app is launched, it is worth the pain. All you have to do is to choose your app developers wisely as it can make or break the whole scenario. 

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