What is the Right App Development Team Size for your Project?

App Development Team Size

How big should your project’s team be? As simple as it may seem, the answer is much more complex than you realize. Every project is different and requires different skills. When you are selecting the app development team size of your team, how can you make sure that it is right for your project?

Actually, you might not get the answer in numbers. If you do a survey with people the answers may vary and may be more qualitative than quantitative. To be true if you are figuring out the right team size for your project it is more of an Art than a Science. Let’s find out more about the ideal team size in detail in this Blog

A greater number of hands-on decks won’t solve every problem. Each situation is different, and so does its solution. The number of people on your team depends on the nature of your project. 

As the team grows the communication between the employees even grows more complex. In fact, it is said the more people are involved the more complex the situation becomes.

How many people is too much? Evidence points to the fact that groups of 3 to 8 members tend to outperform bigger and smaller teams. Having a large team is not a problem, but if you have a large team, consider dividing them into sub-teams of three to eight members.

Why App Development Team Size Matters

When it comes to teams, size matters. Having Teams of different sizes is where people will behave in different ways. Some may be very productive and focused while others are not.

 Therefore it is always better to strike a balance between all. And if all the employees are on the same page then only things can go smoothly and more productively. Otherwise, everything may go for a toss.

Owing to the fact that every company may have its own policy of having employees on its team but there are some standards that are proven true for hundreds of companies across the globe in various studies. Generally, agile methodologies work best when teams have between 5 and 11 members.

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Understanding the Requirements

A lot depends on the requirements of the team when it comes to the decision-making of employees in the team. There are some tasks that can be handled single-handedly or maybe by 2 or 3 employees at max.

On the other hand, there are some heavy projects that may require manpower in large numbers where each of them is interlinked to each other and requires team efforts

The very factual question which now you must be thinking about is How will you decide the number of employees in a team or say the ideal team size for your project? Isn’t it? Well, the answer to this question can be checked out in these three variables which are:

  • Project Scope
  • Project TimeLine
  • Technical Requirements

How to Find Out the Right App Development Team Size for your Project

App Development Team Size

1. The Nature of the Team

The key parameter in deciding the right team size for your project is to understand the nature of your team. Basically, this involves understanding the psychological aspect of your team members.

A lot depends on the managers too when deciding the nature of the team. If the manager is autocratic in nature then he may prefer to work best with a bigger team having a large pool of team members in the team. If the manager is democratic in nature then he may prefer to work with a small team of talented employees.

Now, it all depends on the manager in your team who plays a major role in deciding the team size for your project. 

2. Technological Resources

Owing to the technological Advancements at par, companies today are well equipped with modern technology and tools to be used in projects, especially when it comes to IT companies.

From Management tools to Automation to Artificial Intelligence all play an important role in today’s era. If your company is well equipped with such technological Resources and tools then they make the work much more easier and efficient and can be done with as less of the man Power as possible.

Thanks to these technologies they make the work easier and more collaborative. With some of the advanced communication apps and visualization tools, employees from all across the globe can work on the same project with higher levels of productivity.

Also, its darker side being these technologies are the helping hand s of the employees but alone these technologies are of no use if their usage is not being done by the right talent and employees and these technologies cannot force an understaffed or overstaffed team to perform to their best capabilities.

3. Start Small

A very famous quote by Will Smith states, “Don’t try to build the greatest wall that’s ever been built. Focus on laying a single, expertly-placed brick. Then keep doing that, every day.” This quote very aptly fits in here. Always remember to start small and then gradually increase it according to the needs and demands of your project.

Imagine you hired ten to fifteen employees for your project but then when you actually start the work you realize that this requires fewer employees then you might have to regret it later. 

Growing a project is easier than scaling it back down. Similarly, you can always add in the employees later but cannot downsize them at a later stage.

Final Words

As stated earlier that choosing the ideal team size for your project is an art rather than a science. Now, this must be clear to you that these were the very reasons which make this process more of an Art. It’s actually not a numerical answer which you will get when looking for the right team size for your project team but obviously these parameters are the baseline for you to make a decision for your company’s right team size.

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